Illinois Public Adjusters Association
“Dedicated to Professionalism”

About the Illinois Public Adjusters Association

We, the Illinois Public Adjusters Association, in order to establish and maintain the highest level of professional standards and services, for the purposes of protecting the rights of the insured throughout our great state seek and wish to provide a means for solving and dealing with our common concerns, to insure harmonious working relations with one another, promote general welfare, and in the most simple terms serve the public in an ethical and proper manner promoting qualified adjusting practices and knowledgeable Public Adjusters.




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How It All Began

How did it all begin? Our president and founder Jason Harris, of Harris Claims Services is a practicing attorney and Public Adjuster. His father, Ron Harris was also a Public Adjuster and had the distinguished reputation of being one of Illinois’ finest Public Adjusters who, at many times, took on insurance company adjusters when others would not.

Ron Harris founded Harris Insurance Services back in the early 80’s. Jason, in addition to practicing law, became a public adjuster and worked with his father.

Ron Harris saw a future where public adjusters were organized and promoted dedication, professionalism, and integrity in the community of public adjusting. Recognizing that the industry was not organized, they began seeking and establishing the IPAA, Illinois Public Adjusters Association. Jason Harris, Ron Harris, and others contributed time, effort, and resources to the IPAA.

And so it began back in 1987, with leaders in the industry seeking to promote the welfare of the industry with a goal of setting higher standards for its members and the industry. Officially, the State of Illinois Secretary of State issued articles of incorporation to the Illinois Public Adjusters Association on May 5th, 1998.

Since that time, we have seen many changes not just in the industry itself but also in new public adjusters. We have seen contractors try to claim they had the same knowledge and dedication as public adjusters. We have seen contractors and others who are not licensed, wrongfully attempting to settle and negotiate insurance losses. Under the Public Adjuster Laws, contractors are NOT allowed to adjust claims. We have seen organizations claiming to be the Illinois Public Adjusters Association, and yet they are really a group of contractors. And so our mission continues.

The Illinois Public Adjusters Association’s mission and goals may be many. However, there remains one common element belonging to all those goals: that the members distinguish themselves as possessing integrity, the desire to help the public, superior skills of adjusting, years of experience, and knowledgeable. We welcome only those who can distinguish themselves and have the qualifications and desire to achieve results for those who have suffered insurance losses.

The Illinois Public Adjusters Association Dedication



Organizing the Public Insurance Adjusters of the Midwestern States of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin, to better serve the consumers of insurance of these states and to help facilitate the expeditious and proper handling of insurance losses and claims.


Uniting the Public Insurance Adjusters of the Midwestern States for their mutual benefit, education and protection, as well as to benefit and protect the general public.

Establishing & Maintaining

Establishing and maintaining high standards of professional conduct and efficiency among its members, and to study and assist in carrying out the provisions of all laws and regulations pertaining to Public Insurance Adjusters that may be enacted or formulated by the Government or by the various Midwestern State Legislatures and Insurance Departments of the Midwestern States.

Advancing & Protecting

Advancing and protecting the interests of its members, to promote their welfare, and to attain a spirit of helpful assistance and cooperation among its members.



Becoming a source of consultation regarding industry issues for various Midwestern States’ Departments of Insurance and State legislatures.

Creating & Fostering

Creating and fostering educational programs for members and the public.